Northern Ireland

Donegal County Council restricts water supply

Donegal County Council has begun restricting water supplies to homes following an increase in demand during the cold weather.

Daily consumption from the county's largest reservoir, Lough Mourne, has risen by 220,000 gallons since the beginning of the cold snap.

The council said it was due to taps left running, leaks and burst mains.

The restrictions began on Wednesday night in the Lifford and Castlefin areas.

Con McLaughlin, a senior engineer with Donegal County Council, called on the public to help save water.

"Some people feel that running taps is a way of protecting their plumbing, but we want to get the message out there that this is counterproductive, because all it's doing is running down the available storage we have in reservoirs.

"There was a lot of disruption during the cold weather last year, and what we're trying to do is protect the reserves of water we have in reservoirs and eliminate the wastage."

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