Northern Ireland

Dog excrement thrown into Galliagh children's play area

A Londonderry councillor has said dog excrement thrown into a newly opened play area in Galliagh has put the eyesight of children at risk.

Both potato skins and dog dirt have been thrown into the playground and games area near Ederowen Park over the past two months.

Dog excrement can carry a parasite that causes blindness.

"It takes a sick mind to put children's eyesight at risk at a children's play park," Councillor Shaun Gallagher said.

"In the 20 years I have been a Shantallow representative I have never come across a more shocking story.

"We have been aware of this for a couple of months. It started with potato skins.

"The most shocking thing is where individuals have started firing dog dirt into a children's park and we know if you put a child in contact with dog dirt there's a serious risk of that child being blinded."

He appealed to anyone who might have information to give it to the relevant authorities.