Northern Ireland

MLA shocked after children rob woman at knife point

A DUP MLA has said he is shocked that a woman in her 50s was robbed by children in Holywood.

The woman was returning to her mobility scooter last Tuesday evening when a group of youths, aged about 12 approached her.

One of them asked if they could try the scooter and when she refused, he produced a knife, demanded money and took cash from her purse.

Alex Easton said the incident has "left a lot of fear in the community".

After taking money from the woman, two youths took the scooter, but were stopped by a passing driver.

The woman was unhurt, but extremely shaken by her ordeal.

The PSNI have just released details of the incident, which happened at about 1900 GMT on 15 March in the Abbey Ring area.

Local DUP MLA, Alex Easton said the incident had stunned the local community.

"It is quite worrying when you hear that children as young as 12, may have been involved," he said.

Detectives would like to speak to anyone with information, especially the driver who helped the woman.