Northern Ireland

Award-winning Belfast pupil dishes out school dinners

Christopher Marshall
Image caption Christoper Marshall: a legend in his own lunchtime

It was a case of feeding the 400 at south Belfast's Wellington College as an award-winning chef took control of school dinners for the day.

Fourteen-year-old Christopher Marshall was dishing out the chicken fajitas for his fellow students.

He recently won the Northern Ireland Future Chef of the Year competition.

Although Christopher has yet to be signed up for a TV series, this celebrity chef of the future was highly commended in the UK final.

He admits that cooking for several hundred hungry teenagers is a step up from his usual culinary endeavours.

"The most I've done is for my family and even that's a wee bit hard," he said, looking the part in his chef's hat and white shirt.

Unlike at home there was no time to relax.

Once the dessert had hit the plates, the bell rang and it was time for the second sitting.

With pupils today demanding more than the traditional spam fritters and semolina pudding, Christopher's menu ran to a buffet from around the world followed by an American brownie.