Northern Ireland

Fuel duty reduction 'not being passed on'

petrol pump
Image caption Petrol prices have increased steeply in the past year.

The 1p reduction in fuel duty announced in the budget has not fully filtered through to motorists, the Consumer Council has said.

The council's research showed unleaded prices dropping by 0.75p per litre and diesel by 0.5p in the week following the budget announcement.

It said the cost of filling a car with petrol had increased by £7.31 since the same time last year.

The group has called for retailers to pass on the tax cut in full.

Aodhan O'Donnell from the council said the large supermarkets had passed on the reduction but "independent retailers fall some way short of this".

He also criticised supermarkets that charged different prices in their stores across Northern Ireland.

The council has called for consistency in pricing policies pointing to the example of Asda, which charged the same at all its stores.

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