Northern Ireland

Londonderry man wins right to challenge stop and search

A Londonderry man acquitted of kidnapping and shooting a businessman has received legal permission to challenge powers used by the police to stop and search him.

49-year-old Martin Canning, from Glendara in the city, is seeking a judicial review of legislation.

His lawyers claim the law has breached his right to privacy and family life.

Paul Pierce, who is representing Mr Canning, said his client believed that the system was open to abuse.

"He has been stopped on numerous occasions for no reason he would say, which have resulted in criminal charges being brought against him," he said.

"Incidents where he has been stopped and searched have continued after his acquittal, up until a couple of weeks ago."

Mr Pierce said he expected a full hearing in June after the PSNI and the Secretary of State submitted affidavit evidence.