Northern Ireland

Lord Rana's Ramada Hotel 'racism' case dismissed

Lord Rana
Image caption Lord Rana owns the group which runs the Ramada hotel

A fair employment tribunal has dismissed a bullying case taken by a former hotel manager against one of Northern Ireland's best-known businessmen.

Scott Bauman, had alleged that Lord Rana, the owner of the Ramada Hotel at Shaw's Bridge in Belfast, favoured Indian members of staff and subjected him to unfair treatment.

The case was withdrawn on Tuesday.

Lord Rana said a robust defence led to the allegations being withdrawn.

"Serious allegations about the company and my own approach to business were made during the hearing which were denied," he said.

"Our business is soundly based on strict adherence to the highest professional standards at all levels.

"My own approach, in over 45 years of business in Northern Ireland during which I have invested over £100m in the local economy and employed hundreds of people, is underpinned by a commitment to professionalism, equality and fairness and will continue to be so."

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