Northern Ireland

Derry bank bomb CCTV footage shown

The BBC has obtained exclusive pictures of a bomb exploding in a bank in Londonderry last Saturday afternoon.

The explosion completely destroyed the building in the Diamond area of the city.

The CCTV footage shows the windows being blown out and debris being scattered over a wide area.

The bomb was contained in a hold-all thrown into the building by masked men. Police cleared the area and it exploded an hour later.

The ceilings of the building collapsed and the electrical wiring will have to be replaced.

The attack has been blamed on dissident republicans.

The president of the chamber of commerce, who has viewed the CCTV footage, has condemned the bombing.

Padraig Kavanagh said: "It's very damaging. Nobody wants this to be the association that springs to mind when people think of the city.

"The blood, sweat and tears that people are expending now are all about building for our future prosperity. This is the opposite of that."

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