Northern Ireland

Limavady Council suspended over TUV Union flag

Union flag
Image caption Boyd Douglas placed a miniature Union flag on his desk

The mayor of Limavady Council suspended council proceedings on Tuesday after a TUV councillor brought a Union flag into the chamber.

The council, which has a no flags policy, passed a motion to have the flag removed.

However Councillor Boyd Douglas, who had placed the flag on his desk, refused to comply.

Sinn Fein Mayor Sean McGlinchy then cancelled the evening's meeting.

He said relations within the council have been very poor over recent years.

"We're all elected to work for the borough and I think at this time we need everybody working together rather than people pulling silly pranks for their own self-esteem," he said.

"My opinion is and the party's opinion at the moment is the council would be better closing rather than pay 15 wages of rate-payers money and let the officials run that council.

"I would have to say that it's one of the worst relationships of a council working anywhere and it has been for the last number of years."