Northern Ireland

NI transfer test copyright row - GL company speaks out

transfer test

The company which sets one of the transfer tests for grammar schools has warned that any school which uses past papers to help pupils is in breach of security and copyright.

The GL assessment exams are used mostly by Catholic schools and are prepared by Granada Learning in England.

It does not release the papers and said if there was a breach, it had come from an individual school.

The statement follows an investigation launched by the NI education minister.

John O'Dowd is looking into claims from the Catholic Principals Association that a school passed the 2009 paper to a number of parents in advance of the 2010 test.

Granada Learning said it takes the allegations seriously and responsibility for the strict security procedures lies with the principal at each school.

However, it said the questions in the 2010 test were different from those in the past paper. Granada Learning said it was confident that all the recent results were fair and accurate.

The pupils who sat the 2010 test have just been allocated their places in grammar and secondary schools.

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