Northern Ireland

Disabled Antrim pensioners terrorised in their home

A disabled couple living in a Housing Executive bungalow in Antrim have been targeted by vandals in a series of attacks.

They moved into their new home less than a month ago.

Since then they have been dealing with constant harassment, including graffiti accusing them of being paedophiles.

It is understood the couple have no criminal records.

Carole and Roy, who did not want to give their surname, said the excitement of securing a new home had soon turned sour.

"We got the key to this property on 13 May, that was the Friday and we moved in on the 16 May which was the Monday," said Roy.

"When we arrived on the Monday morning, the windows had been put in.

Health problems

"We got them all boarded up that day, but the next morning lies such as paedophile, rapist, scum out and various other things, had been put all over the windows, which has scared myself and my wife.

"We're on strong medication as it is because of our health problems and this has made our health problems a lot worse because we're not sleeping, we're not eating properly and we're just waiting to see what happens next."

Roy's wife Carole said the couple were nervous because people were starting to believe what had been written.

"The stuff they are writing is really revolting and the neighbours are starting to believe it," she said.

"We're scared of something else happening to us. Maybe somebody seeing it and believing it and coming then and injuring us.

"That's what we're actually sitting waiting on now. Every night you're out every 10 minutes checking, waiting, then when it happens, police again. It just gets embarrassing."

The couple believe their home is being targeted because other people wanted the Housing Executive property.

"Apparently there was one person promised it, but we were top of the list and we got it," said Carole.

"It's not our fault we got it, we've been waiting five years, so why take it out on us?"

Bob said the bungalow is ideal for their needs "because everything is ground level and everything is wheelchair accessible".

'Live in peace'

Bob said he has lived in Antrim for 46 years and has many friends who can vouch for him.

"I know my name is clear, I have done nothing." he said.

He appealed for the attacks to stop so that he and his wife could "live in peace".

"If they have a problem let them come and speak to me and sort things out and let me know where they have heard it from and what they have heard.

"This is driving my wife to despair and causing severe depression, as well as myself.

"We just want to live in peace.

"I am determined to stay here because I have done nothing wrong, nor has my wife.

"It suits our disabilities and I'm not waiting another five or 10 years for somewhere to live."

Police said they are investigating several reports of criminal damage at the couple's home.

Enquiries are continuing and anyone with information on those responsible is asked to bring it to police.