Northern Ireland

Glyn Davies model agent banned over indecent assault

A former modelling agent convicted of sex offences in Scotland has been banned from running an agency in NI.

Glyn Davies, 52, living in Portadown, was convicted in Edinburgh in 2009 of indecent assault against a 17-year-old girl and of taking indecent photographs of her.

He was also convicted over images and videos of children found on his computers.

Davies was sentenced to a total of two years' imprisonment for the offences.

He was placed on both the sex offenders register and a list of people disqualified from working with children indefinitely.

Davies had operated an entertainment agency in Scotland for approximately 20 years and traded with his wife Susan Davies as Lothian Variety, and more recently as Emkay Lothian Entertainments.

The case at an industrial tribunal in Belfast follows a successful application by the Employment Agency Inspectorate (EAI), which is part of the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL).

The EAI was made aware that Davies had moved from Scotland to Northern Ireland and brought the prohibition proceedings to protect potential clients by preventing him from operating in his former profession.

'Adequate protections'

Dr Stephen Farry, Minister for Employment and Learning, welcomed the Tribunal's decision.

"The modelling and entertainment sector in Northern Ireland is an area where you will find young, vulnerable workers who are open to potential exploitation," he said.

"The Department, however, through its Employment Agency Inspectorate, will continue to do everything in its power to ensure adequate protections are in place for such vulnerable workers."

The Tribunal accepted that Mrs Davies, also residing in the Portadown area, was not involved in the conduct leading to her husband's conviction and prohibition.

It made a separate prohibition order, with conditions, against Mrs Davies, for almost 10 years.

To protect clients this order prevents Mrs Davies from running an employment agency until December 2020, unless her husband has no access to the business.