Northern Ireland

North Down Council create 'unionist underclass'

Community demonstation in Bangor
Image caption The protesters felt they were not being treated fairly by North Down Borough Council

About 1,000 people held a protest in Bangor on Tuesday night over funding for loyalist community groups.

The demonstrators claimed North Down Borough Council is discriminating against them when it comes to handing out European funding.

Mark Gordon from the Kilcooley Development Forum said the council was making an "underclass of unionism".

The council strongly denied the accusations and said it treated everyone fairly and equally.

Mr Gordon said concerned residents would continue to hold peaceful demonstrations against the council.

"The protest has three elements," he said.

"Firstly the council determination to eradicate bonfires from this borough, the second is about the Peace 3 mismanagement of European money and the third is about loyalism being treated disrespectfully by a DUP led council

"In phase two of Peace 3, a number of applications went in from this borough, the only ones that were successful were the ones emanating out of North Down Borough Council."