Northern Ireland

'A great loss': listeners' messages

Sympathy and memories from Radio Ulster listeners about the late David Dunseith.

David Dunseith a man who cut the mustard. A great loss to each and everyone of us. RIP David and condolences to family.


David was a wonderful man who treated me very well

Bertie from Lisburn

David Dunseith was Talkback . Charismatic , witty, highly intelligent and informed. He was a tough act to follow . May he rest in peace.


Sorry to hear of the death of David. A voice that I loved to hear in my home and car.

Belfast Cabbie.

To hear David announce "This is Talkback" for years - you knew the best show on the radio was to begin and he will always be associated with the signature tune. A great presenter and a good man.


I am so very sad to hear about David. I always listened to him. Sometimes he would have irritated me when he interviewed someone, then I would have thought "good man" when he got it "right". He managed to be on neither 'side' or saw each equally! A wonderful presenter. A great loss to us and to the BBC.


My sympathies to David's family and all his friends at Radio Ulster. David was like Lady Diana, we all felt like we knew him, yet never met him. He will be missed and mourned by many. RIP David.

Blackwatertown listener.

Very saddened at the loss of David Dunseith. I had many a good argument with him on Talkback and he was always a great host.

Thomas, north Belfast.

So sorry to hear of death of David Dunseith. Gone to be with his beloved wife.

Teresa MacRory, Newry

David was a brave and fearless presenter. He made Talkback his own, he was an integral part of the changes that have taken place in the North.

Anonymous caller

Sorely missed. He had that gravelly, authoritative voice. A wonderful man.

Ronnie Keenan

David Dunseith's demise leaves a painful chasm. An irreplaceable luminary, I rarely missed his show which, in our disfigured society, was a calming and pacifying balm in our midst.

Jarlath Vaughan

David was an absolute perfectionist at his job. I enjoyed listening to him. He won my heart because he loved animals. My sincere condolences to his family. RIP


David had a good radio voice he was Northern Ireland's Brian Redhead, a former R4 Today presenter.

Louis Armagh.

David will be sadly missed.

Lily, Carrick

Sad day for us all. David was a gentleman loved to hear his voice may he rest in peace.


David's velvet voice often gave a sense of well being a presence of safe hands and a knowledge of time he will for me be sadly missed thoughts to his family


So sad to hear of the death of David. His programme on Radio Ulster was always done so professionally. He was totally unbiased. He will be sorely missed.

Geraldine, Plumbridge

We have all lost a very personal friend in David Dunseith. Leading by example, this is a better place because of him. RIP

John Dallat

Very sorry to hear of the death of David Dunseith. He grilled us all in equal measure. Go ndeana Dia trocaire air.

Conor Murphy

My own thoughts on the passing of David Dunseith, a tough, intelligent, engaged and compassionate journalist.

Mick Fealty

Very sorry to hear that David Dunseith has passed away. He was a wonderful broadcaster and voice of reason.


Genuinely saddened to learn of the passing of David Dunseith. May he rest in peace. A true broadcasting legend who had integrity to spare.

Paul John Murphy

I remember once someone from animal charity rang Talkback and was chatting about litter of abandoned pups they had rescued. David told her to stop describing them or he'd be down after the show to take them all home with him.

Barking Babs

Very saddened to learn of the death of David Dunseith - a great interviewer and true gentleman.

Ali Wark

You know when you can't believe something's happened, even when you know it has? That. RIP my friend David Dunseith.

Mike Philpott

Sorry to hear of David's passing. "The only thing you take with you when you're gone is what you leave behind" For David its an enormous amount. A voice To remember.A man of honour.

Belfast cabbie.

Hello, my deepest sympathy to David's family! A true gentleman! Thank you for a unique journey through radio, god bless!

Frankie from andytown

So very, very sad to hear of the passing of David Dunseith. I never had the pleasure of meeting him but I will still really miss him. I enjoyed listening tn his calm measured tones over the years. Thank you and rest in peace David.