Northern Ireland

Six flee Derry after dissident threat

Six men have reportedly fled Londonderry after receiving death threats from dissident republicans.

The father of one of the men, James Kelly, said his son Emmett and the others left their homes in the Gobnascale area on Saturday.

"Police came to the door and told him he had 24 hours to get out of Derry or he would be executed by a dissident republican group," he said.

Police said they do not discuss the security of an individual.

Mr Kelly said he had contacted some of the parents of the other five men involved.

"Between us all we have contacted all the dissident groups in Derry and they have all denied that they have issued any threat," he said.

"We're asking anyone out there if there is a threat, could they tell us what group has said them and for what reason?

"We don't know why they've been threatened to be executed, they haven't been threatened before."