Northern Ireland

Annalong Single Star band play Slieve Donard's summit

Ain't no mountain high enough for one County Down flute band.

The Annalong Single Star band took practising to new heights when they scaled Slieve Donard to practise for the Twelfth of July parades.

YouTube video shows the drummers belting out their numbers at the top of the highest peak in Northern Ireland

The video shows musicians players blasting out a 'peak performance' atop the mountain which is 2,796 ft high.

The band members are not in uniform.

Instead, the clips show members wrapped up in coats and wearing hats as they battle against winds and rolling mists in a recording dating from May.

Along with five side drums there are a number of flute players and also a man playing a 'big' drum - which most have taken some effort to lug up Donard.

The band is shown huddling close to a stone structure on the mountain top.

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