Northern Ireland

Derry doctor's examination 'sexually motivated'

Dr Lee Casey
Image caption Dr Lee Casey has denied any wrongdoing

A GP from Londonderry has been found to have carried out a "sexually motivated examination" on a female patient.

The General Medical Council found that Dr Lee Casey took advantage of a vulnerable female patient when carrying out a chest investigation in June 2005.

Two allegations made by the patient were found to be proven by the GMC, while two further allegations were not.

In a statement, Dr Casey's family said he denied any wrongdoing and would be lodging an appeal.

The patient had attended Oakleaf Medical Practice in Derry complaining of flu-like symptoms.

One of the conclusions the GMC reached was that Dr Casey was found to have placed his hand inside the patient's bra.

The council said it recognised that the incident which brought Dr Casey to the GMC was a single event which occurred six years ago.


However, it said it considers that by Dr Casey's actions, he took advantage of a vulnerable female patient in a partially-dressed state and invaded her privacy and dignity. In doing so, Dr Casey abused his position as her doctor.

The GMC panel also said it had no doubt that amounted to "misconduct which is serious".

The family statement, given to a Derry newspaper, said the allegations related to a complaint made to the police in December 2008 which was fully investigated by the PSNI.

When the allegations were referred to the Public Prosecution Service it directed no prosecution.

A partner of Dr Casey's at Oakleaf Medical told BBC Radio Foyle that his practice partners "supported him 100%".

The GMC will decide later on Tuesday what action to take against Dr Casey.