Northern Ireland

Illegal fuel laundering plant found near Monaghan

An illegal diesel laundering operation has been discovered in Ballybay, County Monaghan.

Revenue officials, supported by Irish police and officials from the Department of Agriculture, raided a farm on Thursday morning.

The laundering plant was hidden in a shed behind bales of straw.

It had the capacity to launder four million litres of fuel a year, which would have cost the Irish exchequer up to 1.8m euros a year in lost revenue.

Revenue officials also seized 36,000 litres of fuel and bleaching earth, which is used to 'wash' the colour from the agricultural diesel.

Two tankers and a grain lorry, which had a concealed tank inside for distributing the laundered fuel, were also found.

Approximately 5,000 litres of toxic waste was also found at the site.

Meanwhile, officials from Louth County Council discovered 6,000 litres of toxic waste which had been dumped at the side of the road near Faughart, just outside Dundalk on Thursday morning.

Six containers were found. Waste was leaking from some of them.

The containers are being removed and a clean-up operation will be carried out.

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