Northern Ireland

Bangor man died after inhaling lighter fluid in bed

A man died from inhaling lighter fluid while in bed with his girlfriend, an inquest has been told.

James Campbell, 29, had been addicted to butane gas from the age of 14 - using up to eight containers a day, Belfast coroner Joanne Donelly heard.

He was in bed with his partner at his home in Rathgill Crescent, Bangor, when he collapsed last September.

Mr Campbell had been discharged from treatment a year before his death after failing to attend appointments.

He was treated in 2006 for his addiction, undertaking a four-week hospital programme.

However, family problems and his butane habit caused his urgent referral back to specialist services in September 2009.

He was assessed but missed two appointments and was discharged back to his GP six months later.

A report by pathologist Dr Roy Lyness said sudden death can happen when people use butane because of lack of oxygen or disturbance of the heart rhythm.

"There can be little doubt that it was the effects of the inhalation of these substances that was responsible for his death," he said.

The coroner said nothing more could have been done by the addiction services.

She added that he died from butane inhalation after deliberately inhaling it for its euphoric effects.