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Marion Graham and Kathy Dinsmore: bodies due home

Shannon Graham, right, returns to Northern Ireland after the murder of her mother in Turkey.
Image caption Shannon Graham, right, returns to Northern Ireland after the murder of her mother in Turkey.

The bodies of Newry women Marion Graham and Kathy Dinsmore, who were murdered in Turkey, are due to arrive in Ireland on Wednesday.

The women, who were both in their 50s, were stabbed to death near the west coast city of Izmir last week.

Ms Graham's daughter Shannon arrived home on Monday night accompanied by her father.

Her Turkish boyfriend Recep Cetin has reportedly confessed to the double killing.

The victims' bodies were released from a mortuary in Izmir on Monday and are to arrive at Dublin Airport on Wednesday afternoon.

They will then be taken to the women's homes in Newry.

Both funerals will be on Friday - Ms Graham's in the morning and Ms Dinsmore's in the afternoon.

Age disputed

BBC Northern Ireland's Chris Page, who is in Turkey, said Mr Cetin had "told everyone, including his girlfriend, that he was 17 years old, but police sources have told me he actually is older."

He said as births are not registered in the same way in Turkey as in the UK, it could be difficult to establish exactly how old the suspect is.

The serious doubt over his age could determine the length of time he spends in jail. He could receive up to 72 years in prison if convicted.

"If he went to juvenile court the sentence he could have expected for a double murder would have been more than 40 years - probably less than 50," he said.

"If he goes to an adult court, the typical sentence is 36 years per murder, so he could be facing 72 years in jail if he is convicted.

"Turkish people will actually complain that the justice system here is very slow.

"Big legal cases like this typically take two years, maybe even slightly more, so if the suspect is charged as we expect, we could be in for a lengthy trial process.

"It is similar to the UK system in that the defence and prosecution teams are appointed and witnesses are cross-examined, but one of the main major differences is that cases like this are tried before a judge only - not a jury."

Image caption It is believed Recep Cetin had asked to marry Shannon


The suspect, Mr Cetin, also known as Alex, worked at a restaurant in the popular tourist resort of Kusadasi.

It is alleged that he confessed to killing Ms Graham and Ms Dinsmore, after being refused permission to marry Shannon.

The suspect is alleged to have taken Ms Dinsmore and Ms Graham to a secluded wooded area and murdered them there.

The friends were on holiday in Kusadasi, about 100km from Izmir.

Shannon was on a boat trip when the killings happened. She alerted police when she arrived home and could not get in touch with her mother.

Newry and Mourne District Council have opened books of condolence which are located at Newry Arts Centre, Newry Town Hall, Warrenpoint Town Hall, Kilkeel Leisure Centre and Crossmaglen Community Centre.

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