Northern Ireland

The ten worst reasons to call an ambulance

One in five callers who dialled 999 in Northern Ireland last year did not need emergency help.

About 28,500 people called out paramedics for non-emergencies.

The latest figures show that between September 2010 and August 2011, ambulances were called for more than 15,000 people who then refused to get in.

A total of 418 people absconded and the service received 1,686 hoax callers.

Below are the records of 10 genuine calls received by the NI Ambulance Service.

They are 10 of the worst reasons for calling an ambulance.

"My 15 year old has not had a bowel movement today."

"My penis is bleeding, help." (When the ambulance arrived, no-one answered the door)

"My ring is stuck on my finger. I can't get it off."

"I had chest pain but it's passed. Could you get me a yoghurt from the fridge, now you're here?"

"Please help me find my cat"

"My homehelp has not turned up. Please make my dinner."

"Help me turn over my husband in the bed."

"I've got this bad nosebleed. Can you stop it?"

"I have this terrible toothache."

"I know I called you. But I'm feeling ok now and I don't want to go."

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