Northern Ireland

McGuinness ashamed of Enniskillen bomb deaths

Martin McGuinness
Image caption Martin McGuinness was speaking during an interview on his Irish presidential bid.

Martin McGuinness has said he feels ashamed about incidents, such as the Enniskillen bombing, carried out in the name of Irish republicanism.

He said the 1987 bombing in which 11 people were killed at the Cenotaph was "atrocious".

Speaking on Wednesday in an interview for RTE as part of the Irish presidential election, he denied he was a senior figure in the IRA at the time.

"I feel ashamed when incidents like that happened," Mr McGuinness said.

"I was not senior in the IRA then and I know that the journalists, if they had the opportunity, would blame me for the 1916 Rising and the war of independence."

He said he would like to be seen as someone who "stood by the ordinary people of Ireland and led by example" and was an inspiration for those people.

"That's why I took the decision that the vast bulk of my salary would go back to the Irish people.

"I also want to be seen as a peace-maker and someone who continued to keep the doors of Aras an Uachtarain open for unionists and loyalists and for victims of the conflict," Mr McGuinness said.