Northern Ireland

Draft programme for government highlights job creation and economy

The BBC has obtained a copy of a draft programme for government, drawn up by officials in the first and deputy first minister's office.

The draft document is dated August 2011 and features ten talking points for ministers.

Top of the agenda is job creation and improving the economy, as well as reforming healthcare and improving qualifications for school leavers.

It is believed other drafts have since been circulated.

But it does give some insight into thinking at the heart of government, setting out the challenges and priorities of the administration this term.

While the document points to tough choices in constrained financial times, one target for ministers to discuss is the promotion of more than 21,000 jobs.

Another is ensuring all large scale investments get a planning decision within six months.

A government spokesman said it would not comment on leaked draft documents that have not been agreed by ministers.

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