Northern Ireland

Pair eat meal then rob restaurant on Belfast's Stewartstown Road

Police officer

Two men have robbed a fast food restaurant in west Belfast after first ordering and eating food in it.

At about 18:45 BST on Thursday, three men entered the Stewartstown Road premises and bought and ate food.

About 25 minutes later one of them left and the other two approached the counter, suggested they had a gun and threatened staff.

A gun was not seen by any of the staff. The two robbers, both thought to be about 40, escaped with cash.

They are thought to have escaped in a taxi. No-one was injured during the incident.

The first man was about 5ft 9in (1.75m), of medium build, with short fair hair. He spoke with a southern Irish accent and was wearing a blazer style coat with a Burberry-type pattern.

The second was about 5ft 10in (1.77m), of medium build, with a southern Irish accent and was wearing a grey fleece and blue jeans.

The third man was said to be about 5ft 7in (1.70m), stocky of build with "a hunched stance", short brown curly hair, blemished skin on face and hands, with a southern Irish accent and wearing blue jeans.

Police have appealed for witnesses.