Northern Ireland

Police find cannabis factory in Lisburn

Cannabis plants
Image caption Police said the plants had a value of about £200,000

A cannabis factory has been uncovered by police in Lisburn, County Antrim.

The building on Antrim Street is believed to contain plants with a value of about £170,000.

The discovery, at commercial premises, was made by a member of the public who reported it to police on Friday morning at 10:40 BST

Police said the premises contained heat lamps, fans and other items for cannabis cultivation.

Lisburn police area commander Darrin Jones said: "A local man had noticed a number of heat lamps and plants at a property in Antrim Street and thought it looked suspicious.

"He decided to bring his concerns to police. Local officers responded to his information within minutes and were able to gain entry to the building.

"Once inside they confirmed the presence of a large cannabis factory."