Northern Ireland

County Down pervert jailed for Thailand trip

A County Down man has been jailed for almost three years for flying into London from Thailand while carrying a laptop full of child pornography.

Ian Patrick Magill, from Ballyhornan Road, Downpatrick, admitted being in breach of several Sexual Offences Prevention Orders by making a secret trip to Bangkok in January.

The 63-year-old has a series of convictions stretching back decades.

The court heard that Magill said he thinks he cannot be cured.

Downpatrick Crown Court heard that Magill also told police during an interview that "I am going to have to control myself".

Judge David Smyth QC told Magill that he had in a "devious, premeditated and calculating way" tried to get round the court orders imposed on him in an effort to "reduce the likelihood of repetitious reoffending".

Magill travelled to Dublin, went to an internet cafe and booked a flight from Dublin, via London, to Bangkok and Hong Kong.

He was identified immediately because he flew through Heathrow and police were waiting on him on his return where he was found to be carrying a laptop, in breach of his court orders.

Prosecution lawyer Stephanie Boyd said that Magill was well aware that police would never have given him permission to travel to Bangkok, even if he had asked for it.

Magill's lawyer said his was an "unusual and unique case" in that when stopped at Heathrow he was totally candid "about his difficulties, the things which have gotten him into trouble". He also admitted there were indecent images on the laptop.

Judge Smyth added, given his previous convictions, the connection of Thailand made his case more worrying than most, and told Magill he "obviously and deviously intended to deceive" as he sought to avoid the restrictions placed on his travel.

Magill, whose Sex Offenders Prevention Orders still remain indefinitely in force, will serve half of his 32-month sentence in custody while the other half will be under supervised parole.