Northern Ireland

Homes to boil water in Ballymoney

About 1,300 homes in Ballymoney are still required to boil water before use.

The postcode areas where water should still be boiled are:

BT53 - 6QX , 7PT

7QW, 7PY, 7PW, 7PL, 6QY, 7PU, 7QL, 6QS, 7LT, 7PX, 7PB, 7NJ, 7NX, 7PH

7NF, 7NZ, 7NN, 7NP, 7JZ, 7NT, 7NR, 7LN, 7NH, 7NU, 7NW, 7NS, 7LE, 7LD

7NL, 7PA, 7NY, 7NG, 7LF, 7NQ.