Northern Ireland

Residents moved after another section of Derry wall collapses

Van covered in bricks
Image caption A 30ft section of the wall in Marlborough Terrace collapsed earlier this week

A wall near homes, which partially collapsed in Londonderry earlier this week, has given way again.

On Wednesday, a 30ft section of the wall in Marlborough Terrace collapsed causing a landslide which crushed cars.

Gerry Wilson, a resident at Marlborough Terrace, said a larger section had collapsed on Saturday afternoon.

He said people in seven houses had been told to leave their homes.This is due to a possible further collapse.

Mr Wilson also said a garage had been damaged as a result of the incident.

Police had diverted traffic away from the area on Saturday afternoon.

It is understood officials from the Department of Environment were tasked to attend.

In a separate incident on Thursday, 50ft of a wall in Harding Street, near Abercorn Road in the city, collapsed.

Derry City Council said they visited Harding Street to inspect the collapse of a retaining wall, and made the area secure.

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