Northern Ireland

'Drugs' and cash seized at homes in Lisburn

Suspected cocaine, taser stun-guns and more than £40,000 in cash were recovered during searches at two homes in Lisburn, a court has heard.

A press for making the Class A drug was also allegedly found in a van outside one of the addresses.

The details were disclosed as police were granted another six months to retain the money seized.

The application was made against Mario Morelli, of Llewellyn Avenue, Lisburn.

Mr Morelli, whose age is unknown, was said to be in custody on drugs-related charges.

Belfast Magistrates Court heard that £10,000 in cash was found in the hood of a kitchen cooker at his address on 23 December.

A PSNI financial investigator said 1kg of suspected cocaine and 6.5kg of bulking agent were also seized.

Two suspected taser weapons and a press were confiscated as well.

Follow-up searches at another house in Lisburn led to the recovery of more than 28,000 euros and £11,000 concealed in clothing.

Police suspect the cash is criminal property linked to the drugs trade, the court was told.

A district judge granted the application for it to be detained for six months while the investigation continues.