Northern Ireland

NI man charged after police raid a diesel plant in County Louth

A County Armagh man has been charged in connection with the discovery of a fuel laundering plant in the Irish Republic.

Pat Conway, 34, of Coolderry Road in Crossmaglen, appeared before Dundalk District Court on Thursday.

He was one of two men arrested in County Louth on Wednesday after armed Irish police raided the plant in Courtbane, Hackballscross.

Mr Conway was charged with removing or attempting to remove a marker from mineral oil.

The second man, with an address in Dublin, was released without charge on Thursday.

The plant had the capacity to launder 12 million litres of fuel per annum, resulting in a loss of 6m euros in revenue to the Irish treasury.

A mobile oil laundering plant was also discovered in a van, along with two tankers, 25,000 litres of product and ancillary equipment all of which were seized.