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Computer is examined in Stephen Carroll court case

Constable Stephen Carroll
Image caption Constable Stephen Carroll was killed in March 2009

The trial of two men accused of the murder of PSNI Constable Stephen Carroll has heard from a detective who investigates electronic crime.

The officer examined a computer which the prosecution claims belongs to John Paul Wootton, 20.

He is charged with the murder.

The detective told the court that a search of the hard drive under the term "weaponry" revealed a temporary Word document entitled Craigavon Republican Youth New Unit.

The document said the organisation's aims were to assist in the slow removal of British forces from Ireland, and assist all Irish republican armies.

Its activities included painting slogans, minor punishments, training, activists and recruiting.

The document also said that the organisation needed money for paint, weaponry and balaclavas.

It said its plans were to get money, advertise through republican slogans, get weaponry and recruit and train.

The court heard that this document was found under the user profile JP.

Both Mr Wootton of Collindale, Lurgan and his co-accused, former Sinn Fein councillor Brendan McConville, 40, from Aldervale, Tullygally deny the killing.


Earlier, the court heard that DNA from one of the men accused of murdering Constable Carroll was found in the alleged getaway car.

Constable Carroll was murdered in March 2009.

The scientist said DNA on three separate sites on a brown jacket found in the boot of Mr Wootton's car had a one in a billion chance of belonging to anyone other than Mr McConville.

Despite Mr McConville's protestations that he did not own the jacket, Faye Southam said that in her opinion "the findings are more likely to be obtained if he was the regular wearer of the jacket".

Constable Carroll, 48, was the first police officer to be killed since the formation of the PSNI. He was shot in the head after answering a 999 call with colleagues.

At the time the dissident republican group, the Continuity IRA, claimed they were responsible for the shooting.

Constable Carroll was a married man with children and from the Banbridge area of County Down. He had served in the police force for more than 24 years.

Mr Wootton's 39-year-old mother Sharon denies perverting the course of justice by removing a computer from her home following the shooting.

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