Northern Ireland

Police use Taser on Rottweiler after north Belfast attacks

Image caption Police fired a Taser at the dog

Police fired a Taser at a Rottweiler dog which attacked an officer and a member of the public in north Belfast.

At around 01:25 GMT on Wednesday, it was reported that a dog had attacked members of the public, leaving one man injured and unconscious in a house.

A policewoman who arrived at the scene in Oakley Street was bitten by the dog, suffering injuries to her hands which will require surgery.

After using a Taser on it, officers took the dog to a warden.

The man who was knocked unconscious was taken to hospital where his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

The dog was not injured and the circumstances of the incident are being investigated.

Chief Inspector Andy Freeburn said: "Police officers are often called into very difficult and dangerous situations and this was one such incident.

"It is a credit to the young constables that they so readily put their own lives at risk to save others.

"I am deeply humbled by their bravery and courage and I wish the member of the public and our colleague a full and speedy recovery".