Northern Ireland

Bomb found in Harold Andrews' lane in Rosslea

Army bomb experts
Image caption Army bomb experts removed the device

A bomb has been removed by the Army after being found in the lane of a UUP councillor's home in County Fermanagh.

The discovery at Mullaghglass, Rosslea, followed a claim on Sunday night of an attack on Harold Andrews' house.

Mr Andrews said he was phoned at 01:00 BST on Monday and told a caller to a Belfast newsroom had claimed a bomb had been left outside his house.

His son found the device at about noon in their lane. Police have said the device was "viable".

Mr Andrews said it was a steel tube about 9ins long with wires coming out of it.

Army bomb experts made it safe before removing it. The alert is now over.

Mr Andrews' said police told him the device could have been meant for him or for responding officers.

"The fact that it was on my own lane would obviously indicate that it could have been meant for myself," he said.

'Small intolerant element'

Ulster Unionist MLA for the area Tom Elliott said the incident was deplorable.

"These attacks are the work of a small intolerant element of people who still wish to intimidate Protestants out of Rosslea," he said.

"This suspect device will lead to a lot of disruption in the area and it has put not only Harold's life, but also of anyone passing by in danger."

The DUP's Arlene Foster said: "Councillor Andrews has been the subject of repeated attacks and he is to be commended for his resilience in the face of such bigotry.

"I would hope that those responsible for such attacks on the Fermanagh community can be brought to justice and that anyone with information will pass it to the police."