Northern Ireland

Bertie Acheson died of heart attack after intruder assault

A 72-year-old who died after confronting a burglar at his Coleraine home suffered a heart attack brought about by stress, police have said.

Bertie Acheson was assaulted by a man who broke into his house in Glenmore Gardens at about 01:30 BST on Monday.

A police spokeswoman said detectives were continuing to treat the pensioner's death as murder.

Mr Acheson's daughter has described the circumstances of his death as "a living nightmare".

The intruder also threatened Mr Acheson's wife, Sheila, before escaping with £375.

Jack Meehan, who is a neighbour of Mr Acheson, said his friend would be sadly missed.

"I'm very emotional about it and I hope the culprit that done it is caught and punished.

"I don't know what'll happen to Sheila but she has a very good daughter and she'll be looked after."

Mr Acheson's 70-year-old wife suffers from mobility problems and he was her main carer.

She raised the alarm after finding her husband who had collapsed on the kitchen floor.

Detectives investigating the murder have said they want to trace Mrs Acheson's red purse which contained the cash and a number of her bank cards.

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