Northern Ireland

Gun used to shoot Marion Millican 'thrown into ditch'

Marion Millican
Image caption Fred McClenaghan has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Marion Millican

The gun used to kill a woman at her Portstewart workplace was thrown into a ditch afterwards, Antrim Crown Court has heard.

Fred McClenaghan, 49, denies murdering his former lover Marian Millican in March 2011 at the Portstewart launderette where she worked.

He claims the gun went off accidentally during a struggle.

On Monday, his trial heard from the older sister of a woman with whom Mr McClenaghan once had a relationship.

Sheila Donnelly said Mr McClenaghan had come to her workplace on 11 March and looked shaken.

She said he told her: "I have shot a girl" and when she asked him to explain what had happened, he just said: "I have shot a girl in Portstewart."

Ms Donnelly said Mr McClengahan said he had wanted to speak to Ms Millican with whom he had been having a relationship.

He said he had gone to the launderette with a gun and there was a struggle during which the gun went off.

Ms Donnelly said that Mr McClenaghan knew the police would be coming for him and said he was willing to go to Portrush police station.

When the police arrived, she said he would not be searched. She said he had once told her that he had been abused as a child by a police officer.

She said she asked several times where the gun was, but he could only tell her that he threw it into a ditch.

The trial continues.