Northern Ireland

Judge issues warning to PPS after solicitor asks for more time

A district judge has warned the Public Prosecution Service that they must be in a position to proceed with a case in four weeks time.

Judge Barney McElholm issued the warning at Londonderry Magistrates Court in the case aganist Brian Brendan Lynch from the Bogside.

The preliminary inquiry was scheduled to begin on Monday.

It had to be adjourned when the prosecution solicitor said she was not ready to proceed.

Mr Lynch, 26, of Lisfannon Park, faces six charges in relation to public order disturbances in Derry following last August's Apprentice Boys parade.

They include hijacking and burning a car, possessing a petrol bomb and riotous behaviour.

Criticising the delay, defence solicitor Derwin Harvey said the London riots also occurred last August. He said some defendants in those cases had already been sentenced and others had gone for trial.

In contrast he said there had so far been no progress in this case which also relates to last August.

The district judge said he was putting the prosecution service on warning that he would be asking them to proceed with the case in four weeks' time.