Northern Ireland

Toxic sludge dumped in Monaghan near border with south Armagh

Five thousand litres of toxic diesel sludge have been dumped on a roadway in County Monaghan, close to the border with south Armagh.

The sludge, in plastic containers, was dumped early on Friday along a grass verge at Tasson, Clontibret.

Monaghan County Council environment crews were joined by the fire service and Garda in a major operation to to remove it.

The substance is the remnants of colouring illegally removed from fuel.

It was the third major dumping of toxic sludge in the area within a week and a spokesman for Monaghan County Council said it was the 43rd incident of sludge dumping by fuel racketeers in the Monaghan border area this year.

To date, this year, the spokesman said, more than 250,000kgs or approximately 250 tonnes of sludge, has been dumped on various roads in the county.

The council also said it has cost more than 1.6m euros to clean up sludge dumping in the area.

In neighbouring County Louth, where similar dumping has occurred, it is estimated the costs involved in the clearance has exceeded 2m euros.