Northern Ireland

Kellys bar familes demand inquiry into 1972 attack

Families with banner
Image caption The families of those killed in the 1972 attack want the Police Ombudsman to investigate claims of security force collusion in the murders

The families of men who died in a loyalist paramilitary attack in Belfast 40 years ago are asking the Police Ombudsman's office to reinvestigate.

They want the ombudsman to look into claims of cover up and security forces collusion in the murders.

John Moran and Thomas McIlroy died in the aftermath of the gun and bomb attack at Kelly's Bar on the Whiterock Road in 1972.

Gerard Clarke man died of his injuries 17 years later.

The families say the authorities created the deliberate impression the explosion had been caused by the premature explosion of an IRA bomb.

They claim there was no proper investigation by the Royal Ulster Constabulary at the time.

The attack happened on 13 May 1972 when a car bomb exploded outside the bar which was packed with people watching a televised football match between England and West Germany.

John Moran, 19, was working as a barman and died ten days later of injuries sustained in the explosion.

Gerard Clarke was seriously injured and died of his injuries in 1989. Sixty-six other people were injured.

As ambulances ferried the injured from the scene a gunman opened fire and killed Thomas McIlroy, who was a barman in Kelly's bar.