Northern Ireland

Two suspect dissident republicans refused temporary bail

Two suspect dissident republicans have been refused temporary bail to attend a family member's funeral.

Desmond John Joseph Hamill, 38, and Thomas Cahill Patrick Hamill, 39, are both to remain in custody.

The brothers were arrested for separate alleged terrorist related incidents.

Desmond Hamill is charged with robbing a Dungannon filing station of £5,700 whilst armed with a firearm on 14 January.

His older brother Thomas is charged with possession of seven Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) on 28 May, which he allegedly threw from a car which was being pursued through Dungannon by police. He is also accused of preparing for acts of terrorism.

Both men had been previously refused bail and remain in custody.

Dungannon Magistrates Court was told the brothers were seeking a short time out of prison to attend the funeral of their aunt in Craigavon.

A defence barrister said the men's sister could collect them from Maghaberry on the morning of the funeral and drive them the 30 minute journey to St Anthony's Chapel in Craigavon, then return them immediately after. The sister was also prepared to put up "significant cash sureties" if required.

However police objected to their release on any terms, as the risk of absconding was very high given the severity of the charges.

After hearing evidence from a police constable and a detective, Deputy District Judge Noel Dunlop refused bail stating, "Both accused face very serious charges and there is a connection between them. There is a very real risk of absconding."