Northern Ireland

ATM card traps found in Belfast city centre

Automatic teller machine (ATM)
Image caption A number of card traps have been found on ATMs in Belfast

The police have said they have discovered a number of cash machine "card traps" in Belfast city centre in recent days.

The device is attached to a cash machine by criminals to enable them to trap cards.

The user is unable to get the card from the ATM, but the thief will then remove the trap and the card.

They stand behind the card user "shoulder surfing" to obtain their pin number.

A PSNI spokesman said: "Within the past few days card traps have been discovered on machines in Belfast city centre.

"There has also been a report of a suspected card entrapment where suspected fraudulent cash withdrawals occurred on the victim's account after their card had been trapped in the ATM.

"We would advise users to examine the machines before using them.

"Check around the card slot and keyboard areas and, if you are unsure of anything, use another machine."