Northern Ireland

Dissidents 'did not threaten Sinn Fein man' claim

A community worker in Londonderry who has previously helped get death threats lifted in the city has said he does not believe a Sinn Fein member from Creggan is under threat from dissident republicans.

Eamon McGinley, 20, said police warned him after a row between rival factions in a bar earlier this week.

Hugh Brady from Rosemount Resource Centre said he has been told there is no threat against Mr McGinley or anyone else.

"We have been contacted by four people. They have said that the PSNI have been in contact with them and have told them that their lives were at risk," he said.

"As far as we're concerned the IRA has told us that it has issued no threat and would not be involved in issuing any threat as a result of a bar-room brawl.

"We have spoken to all the armed groups in the city and they have told us that they are not involved in any issuing of threats."

Earlier, Sinn Fein said dissidents had ordered a man to leave Londonderry.

Another man, a Sinn Fein member, said the PSNI warned him of a dissident republican threat to shoot him dead.

According to Eamon McGinley police visited him at home in Creggan and told him they had intelligence he was going to be shot.

Mr McGinley said he believed the threat was linked to a serious disturbance in Tracy's Bar in Waterloo Place on Monday night when around 20 people attacked him and a group of friends.

"Somebody threw a glass and hit me in the face, punches were thrown, a few other people in my company were attacked on the ground, kicked in the face and stuff," he said.

"I'm scared for my family. It's disgraceful that these people that call themselves republicans are out attacking the republican community in Derry."

Sinn Fein MLA Raymond McCartney had called for the threats to be lifted.

"No one has come forward to provide a rationale as to why Eamon McGinley has been threatened with being shot," he said.

"This isn't some sort of isolated incident, when you look at the injuries, you look at the situation in which it happened. This is dangerous and I'm calling on the people involved to stop," he said.