Northern Ireland

Police warn people of 'drink drive' campaign scam

Police are warning people to be vigilant after a member of the public was asked to give money towards a Drink Drive campaign.

The man was contacted by telephone by a person who intimated he was a police officer and requested money.

The PSNI Drink Driving campaign angle was used as a ploy to gain a degree of credibility and make people drop their guard, say police.

Police said anyone who receives such a call should contact them.

Officers in County Fermanagh highlighted the scam involving cold callers.

"Our advice is that you should never disclose financial details or make commitments to pay by credit or debit card to cold callers no matter who they claim to represent," police said in a statement.

"Reputable organisations will give you the chance to think about your response.

"Do not let anyone pressure you into making a commitment. Take your time in coming to a decision. After all, it's your money."