Northern Ireland

Brian Davey denies raping student

Laganside court complex
Image caption Belfast Crown Court heard the woman punched Brian Davey in the face after the alleged attack

A man has appeared in a Belfast court accused of sexually abusing a student and raping her twice.

Belfast Crown Court was also told Brian Davey stole the woman's watch after being ordered out of her house.

Mr Davey, from Lineybrook Cottages in Bangor, County Down, faces a total of five charges, including theft, sexual assault and two counts of rape.

The 22-year-old denies all the offences, which allegedly occurred on 30 May last year.

Opening the case against him, a prosecution lawyer told the jury they would hear allegations that the woman awoke to find Mr Davey sexually abusing her and when she protested, he "pinned her by the arms and raped her".

The pair had initially met at a city centre bar a few weeks beforehand and had been contacting each other through Facebook and text messages.


On the night of the alleged attack, the jury was told that Mr Davey was out with friends celebrating the end of his exams but during the early hours of the next morning, he began sending texts to the woman, who was at her house.

The court heard that after the pair exchanged several text messages, Mr Davey travelled to the woman's house in a taxi.

"She met him outside and she could could see that he was drunk," the prosecution lawyer said.

After having a few drinks, the woman wanted to go to sleep and told Mr Davey he could "sleep in the room if he wanted".

The jury heard how the woman went to bed fully clothed and had twice rejected the accused's attempts to touch her.

While Mr Davey was in the bathroom, the woman texted her friend in the next room "saying that she felt scared," the court was told.

"Mr Davey continued trying to touch her and she told him she wasn't going to have sex with him and she eventually fell asleep," said the lawyer.


She was awoken however to find herself allegedly being sexually molested, it was claimed.

The prosecution alleged that Mr Davey raped the woman twice and subjected her to a further sexual act, all while "she was crying and begging him to stop".

When he did eventually stop and left the room, the woman went outside and saw that he was "urinating on the landing" and there was what the lawyer described as a "heated exchange" between the pair.

"She said that if he left she would not tell anyone," the lawyer said, but alleged that Mr Davey had then replied: "What are you going to do about it? You can't prove anything."

The woman's housemates heard the argument and became alarmed, the court heard. They saw her punch Mr Davey in the face before he left the house.

Police were contacted and they arrested the accused within hours.

The jury was told that when he was searched, officers uncovered the woman's watch in his pocket.

In police interviews, Mr Davey claimed he had gone to the woman's house when she asked " would I come back to her house for sex".

He said the sexual contact between them had all been consensual and he no idea how he came to have her watch.

The trial continues.