Northern Ireland

Tracey Coulter blames UDA for Shankill arson attack

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Media captionTracey Coulter said she would not be forced out of her home by gangsters

A victim of an arson attack in west Belfast has claimed the UDA, a loyalist paramilitary group, was responsible.

Tracey Coulter, daughter of loyalist Jackie Coulter, who was shot dead in 2000, said the group was trying to force her out of the Shankill area.

It is believed slates were removed from the roof of her house at Shankill Terrace before a burning object was thrown into the upper floor.

Thirty-three firefighters worked to stop it spreading to adjoining homes.

Ms Coulter said those behind the attack were "bullies and gangsters".

"I've been speaking out about the constant drugs that's been carrying on, that the UDA and the paramilitaries down here are able to get away with doing - they're still getting funded for their offices, but they're allowed to do that," she said.

"They're killing kids, but they're allowed to do that. They're scumbags, they're animals - there's not even a message for them.

"But the fact is I'll not be going anywhere. I'm not moving, I will not be moved by bullies and gangsters."

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