Northern Ireland

Belfast Trust recalls urology patients as 'precaution'

The Belfast Health Trust has recalled 1,113 urology patients as a precaution after a review of a number of patient notes.

The trust said the affected patients would have attended Belfast City Hospital for a bladder camera test / cystoscopy during 2012 and 2013.

Those affected will be contacted by the trust.

The trust said a small number of cases had been identified where the standard of care was not as it should have been.

The trust's medical director, Tony Stevens, said that, as a result, patients were being offered an appointment with a consultant to have the procedure repeated.

"I must stress, this is precautionary. I fully accept this may cause patients worry and concern and for that I am very sorry, but my priority is to ensure that we have given our patients the best possible care," he said.

Anyone contacted by the trust will be asked to ring a dedicated advice line number to arrange an appointment.

The telephone number is: 028 90 630500. Lines will be open from 12:00 GMT until 22:00 GMT on Tuesday and from 08:00 GMT until 18:00 GMT, Monday to Friday thereafter.

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