Northern Ireland

Concern over stolen car race in west Belfast

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Media captionSinn Fein condemn the latest street racing by car thieves in west Belfast as an "orgy of destruction" and intimidation of the community.

Hundreds of young people gathered to watch stolen cars being raced through west Belfast, according to Sinn Féin.

West Belfast MLA Fra McCann said the race took place on the Falls Road on New Year's Eve.

Mr McCann claimed the gathering had been organised through social media and mobile phones.

He described it as "wanton vandalism" and called on the police to do more to combat illegal street racing.

"It is my understanding that the whole escapade was organised through Facebook and text messaging and those who organised this event can clearly be identified on the social media website," Mr McCann said.

"I would expect the PSNI to act on this immediately so that there is no reoccurrence of this type of behaviour and that the people who took part in this are brought before the courts as they have no respect for the local community."