Northern Ireland

Elderly couple robbed by masked gang in Ballynahinch

A gang of five masked men has robbed a family, including an elderly couple, at their Ballynahinch home in County Down.

An 80-year-old woman, a 76-year-old man and two men in their 40s were in the house in Loughside Drive when the gang entered the property on Monday evening.

One of the gang members was armed with a screwdriver, and all of them had covered their faces with scarves and baseball caps.

After searching the house, the gang escaped with cash.

The five burglars entered the house at about 20:15 GMT and confronted the couple and one of the men in a downstairs bedroom.

One of the gang members held them in the bedroom while the others searched the rest of the house.

The other man who was in the house, who had been in an upstairs bedroom at the time, was brought downstairs by the intruders.

He was then held with the rest of the family in the rear bedroom while the burglary continued.

The gang escaped through a back door of the house.

Police said one of the intruders spoke with an English accent.

They have appealed to anyone with information about the burglary to contact them.

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