Northern Ireland

Vote 2014: Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon council candidates

Elections for Northern Ireland's 11 new councils will be held on 22 May 2014.

Here is a full list of candidates running, in seven District Electoral Areas (DEAs), for 41 seats on Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon.

DEA: Armagh (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Mealla Ellen Campbell SDLP Elected
Freda Donnelly DUP Elected
Garath Keating Sinn Féin Elected
Darren McNally Sinn Féin Elected
Sam Nicholson Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Thomas O'Hanlon SDLP Elected
Joy Rollston Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
Adam Watt UKIP Eliminated
Gerard Paul White Sinn Féin Eliminated
Mohammad Zahid Alliance Party Eliminated
Armagh full details
DEA: Banbridge (Seven seats)
Name Party Status
Glenn Barr Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Ian Burns Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Brendan Patrick Curran Sinn Féin Elected
Seamus Doyle SDLP Elected
Paul Greenfield DUP Elected
Marie Hamilton SDLP Eliminated
Emma Hutchinson NI21 Eliminated
Elizabeth Ingram Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Junior McCrum DUP Elected
Sheila Mary McQuaid Alliance Party Eliminated
Kevin Jude Savage Sinn Féin Eliminated
Ian McMaster Wilson DUP Eliminated
Banbridge full details
DEA: Craigavon (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Kieran Peter Corr Independent Eliminated
John Cleland Alliance Party Eliminated
Brian Cummings PUP Eliminated
Julie Flaherty Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
Thomas Patrick Larkham SDLP Eliminated
Fergal Thomas Lennon Sinn Féin Elected
Vincent Joseph Edward McAleenan Sinn Féin Eliminated
Declan McAlinden SDLP Elected
Tommy O'Connor Sinn Féin Eliminated
Robert Woolsey Smith DUP Elected
Margaret Tinsley DUP Elected
James Kenneth Twyble Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Craigavon full details
DEA: Cusher (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Paul Berry Independent Elected
Mary Elizabeth Doyle Sinn Féin Eliminated
Sharon Haughey SDLP Elected
Gordon Kennedy Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Tim McClelland DUP Eliminated
Jim Speers Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Gareth Wilson DUP Elected
Cusher full details
DEA: Lagan River (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Mark Thomas Richard Baxter DUP Elected
Carol Black Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Keara Elizabeth Downey Sinn Féin Eliminated
Hazel Gamble DUP Elected
Harry Hamilton Alliance Party Eliminated
Neville Hutchinson NI21 Eliminated
Maureen Litter SDLP Eliminated
Frazer Carson McCammond Democracy First Eliminated
Olive Mercer Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
Samuel Morrison TUV Eliminated
Paul David Rankin DUP Elected
Marc Woods Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Lagan River full details
DEA: Lurgan (Seven seats)
Name Party Status
Maire Cairns Sinn Féin Elected
Aaron Carson Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
Lexi Davidson PUP Eliminated
Roy Ferguson TUV Eliminated
Keith William Haughian Sinn Féin Elected
Jonny Johns UKIP Eliminated
Peter Lavery Alliance Party Eliminated
Carla Lockhart DUP Elected
Liam Mackle Sinn Féin Eliminated
Stuart McClelland NI21 Eliminated
Colin McCusker Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Pat McDade SDLP Eliminated
Noel Francis McGeown Sinn Féin Eliminated
Philip Moutray DUP Elected
Joe Nelson SDLP Elected
Anna Ochal-Molenda SDLP Eliminated
Catherine Seeley Sinn Féin Elected
Lurgan full details
DEA: Portadown (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Doug Beattie Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Jonathan Buckley DUP Elected
Darryn Causby DUP Elected
Paul Coleman TUV Eliminated
Paul Anthony Duffy Sinn Féin Eliminated
Pete Giffen Alliance Party Eliminated
Arnold Hatch Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Robert David Jones UKIP Elected
Gemma Catherine McKenna Sinn Féin Elected
Eamon McNeill SDLP Eliminated
Terry McWilliams DUP Eliminated
Kyle Thomas Spence NI21 Eliminated
John Stevenson PUP Eliminated
Portadown full details