Northern Ireland

Dog burned by liquid poured on it in Newcastle, County Down

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Media captionCorrosive liquid was poured on Fergie the dog's back

A dog has been treated by a vet after what police have described as "a noxious liquid" was poured over him in County Down.

The incident is believed to have happened at Burren Meadows, Newcastle, some time between 19:00 BST and 21:00 BST last Wednesday, although details have just been released.

Police said the liquid burned the dog's skin.

They are treating it as an animal cruelty incident.

Mary Roberts, the owner of the dog, which is called Fergie, said he had been out for a short time and when he came back in she could see something had happened to him.

"He just came back in and we saw his back was very wet, there was something on his back," she said.

"It looked like it was a malicious thing because of the way the liquid had dripped down his side.

"People are just appalled and disgusted by it. Nobody likes to see cruelty to any kind of animal. It's just a disgrace.

"There's something seriously wrong in their [the attacker's] heads."

She said the vet had given her cream to rub on the dog's wound and she was hopeful he would recover.

The charity Animal Rights Action Network (Aran) has offered £1,500 for information about the incident.