Northern Ireland

Ambulance treating victim attacked in Coleraine

An ambulance has been attacked in Coleraine, County Londonderry, while its crew was treating a patient who had been assaulted.

It happened at about 20:00 GMT on Tuesday in Mount Street in the town.

The crew saw a crowd of about 10 young men close to the ambulance and then heard the front windscreen being smashed.

During the trouble it emerged that another man had been stabbed.

John McPoland from the ambulance service said the crew was terrified.

"We need our crews to be able to attend without the fear of being attacked," he said.

"So what we'll do is we'll continue to educate the public on the need for our crews to be left alone, because it benefits not only our crews, but it benefits the public.

"Every assault like the one last night does have ramifications for the community which we serve."

The crew involved in Tuesday's incident called the PSNI and the stabbing was discovered when they were able to leave their vehicle.

Another ambulance was sent to the scene and the first crew immediately treated the victim of the stabbing.